Head Teacher’s Welcome

Dear parent/carer

 As another academic year ends, I am writing to thank you for all of your support.  Our school continues to make huge improvements all of which would not be achievable without your help.

Next year will see over 1000 students in the building and, due to our rapidly improving reputation, there are now waiting lists of students who wish to join Mortimer.

I would like to also thank everyone involved in our Race for Life.  Fundraising and sponsorship have seen the school raise over £2300 which is a phenomenal total, all of which will be go to Cancer Research UK.

Teaching and learning continues to be the number one driving force behind our school improvement and that will continue to be the focus in the next academic year. There will also be a further raising of standards around uniform, behaviour and expectations that will be outlined in a separate letter. If we are to continue to make improvements to become outstanding it is important that we constantly review our practice and maintain our high expectations within the school, as these are not negotiable.

Information about our uniform and no jewellery policy (apart from a watch) can be found on our website.

If you have not already done so, it would be fabulous if you could follow us online via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Please see www.mortimercommunitycollege.co.uk for direct links to our social media.

Parents/carers can also officially comment on Mortimer at www.parentview.ofsted.gov.uk. It would be great if parents/carers could share their positive comments on this forum about Mortimer.

I would like to issue a reminder that the last day of term will be Friday 19th July. All students will attend lessons as normal for periods 1 and 2. Period 3 will be spent with form tutors before we begin a staggered dismissal starting shortly before 12:05pm.  The school will then be closed for the summer.

These arrangements should not result in any student being unduly unsupervised or unable to safely travel home – please inform us via the school office if that may be the case and we will make contact with you to make suitable supervision arrangements.

The school kitchen will not provide lunch on the final day of term but packed lunches will be available to any student who requires one. If any student requires a packed lunch they should inform reception by 3:15pm on Monday 15th July. The packed lunch will be available from the kitchen at dismissal on the 19thJuly.

The last day of term will also be a ‘non-uniform’ day.  The suggested donation per student will be £1 and all money raised will be donated to a cause identified by our student voice. We ask parents to ensure that non-uniform wear is appropriate and tasteful and that our policy of no jewellery is still adhered to.

Although a few months away, I would just like to run through a few details concerning the next academic year. Please be aware that your son/daughter is due to return to school on Wednesday 4th September. Our new year 7 will arrive at school for a normal start time of 8.50am.  All other students are expected to arrive at school at 10.55am. They will have their break as normal and then join their registration class for lesson 3. School is open from 8.00am onwards on all school days and students can enter the building through the student entrance (students are not permitted to enter the staff/visitor entrance unless permission has been given) or the dining room before 8.55am. A reminder to all students travelling to school on a bike that it must be locked securely in the school bike shed.

Finally, thank you again for your continued support. Next year will undoubtedly see further improvements occur as we continue to become the school that the community can be proud of.

Enjoy the summer!

Yours faithfully

Simon Hignett                                                                            

Head Teacher                                                

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