Mental Health Support

Healthy Minds Team

Our school works in partnership with the Healthy Minds Team who offer advice and support to all students in South Tyneside.

They can help you understand how to:

  • keep your mind healthy
  • develop positive strategies around emotional wellbeing and mental health

If you or one of your teachers feel that you would benefit from more support, the Healthy Minds Team can offer therapeutic support in one to one or group sessions in school. This support can be helpful if you are feeling depressed or anxious, or if you are facing challenges with other things like self-confidence, stress or body image.

Support Outside of School

Contact the Lifecycle Service

The Lifecycle Service is a single point of contact for anyone living in South Tyneside who is experiencing mental health issues.

You can contact Lifecycle directly, and they will make sure that you get support from the best place.

If you are 16 or over, you can contact Lifecycle yourself. If you are under 16, please ask a parent or carer to contact them for you.

Find out what the service offers and how to contact them, at Lifecycle Service.

Children and Young People’s Mental Health Service (CYPS)

If the Lifecycle Service thinks that you would benefit from different support, they will get help for you from the Children and Young People’s Mental Health Service (CYPS).


Who To Contact In An Emergency

If you are in school please alert a member of staff who will notify a senior member of staff or the pastoral team to help.

If you are concerned about your mental health, but you do not think you will harm yourself or others, contact the Lifecycle Service.

Harming yourself or others

If you think you might harm yourself or others, contact the Intensive Community Treatment Service (ICTS).


If your child, young person has taken an actual overdose (attempted or reported) they need to go directly to Accident & Emergency at the nearest local A&E department. See NHS: Find nearest Accident and Emergency services.


Help With Drugs and Alcohol

The Matrix service provides help, support and advice for people under 18 and their families and carers in South Tyneside, whose lives have been affected by drug and alcohol misuse.

Young people who use this service also have access to mental health support and advice.

Read more about the Matrix Service here.

KOOTH - online support for young people

We would like to remind you of the availability of Kooth’s online service to support the wellbeing and resilience of any of our students.

Kooth is a web based confidential support service available to young people. Kooth provides a safe and secure means of accessing mental health and wellbeing support designed specifically for young people.

Kooth offers young people the opportunity to have a text-based conversation with a qualified counsellor. Counsellors are available from 12noon to 10pm on weekdays and 6pm to 10 pm at weekends, every day of the year on a drop-in basis. Young people can access regular booked online counselling sessions as needed. Outside counselling hours’ young people can message our team and get support by the next day.

When students register with Kooth they will have support available to them now and in the future. Support can be gained not only through counselling but articles, forums and discussion boards.  All content is age appropriate, clinically approved and fully moderated.

To find out more visit  where young people can register and others can find out more about the service.