Physical Education

Core PE Information

Our vision in PE is to provide a high-quality physical education curriculum that inspires all pupils to not only participate but to succeed in engaging, fun and challenging activities that build self-confidence and provide ways of supporting their health and fitness outside of school.

We provide healthy competition opportunities for character building and embedding values like respect, fairness, determination and empathy. We are passionate about developing and enhancing the ‘ME in PE’. The PE department is focused on creating an environment that is filled with challenge, excitement, fun and creativity through engaging activities that enable students to not only better their physical attributes but their mental wealth as well. We offer a broad and balanced curriculum with a great deal of diversity in activities.

These include outdoor adventure activities like orienteering and climbing, creative arts such as dance, gymnastics and trampolining, racket sports like badminton, tennis and table tennis which are complemented by invasion games like rugby, football, handball and netball.

One of the main differences that make us stand out from any other PE department is that we do not solely focus on the development of sport specific skills, but rather the development of student character and life skills through our ‘ME in PE’ curriculum strategy.

Students develop an awareness of how to self-regulate. How to drive for success through grit and determination. Through resilience and improved communication skills in a range of different contexts and become, overall, curious and imaginative learners.

We strive to develop and challenge well rounded and empowered young adults ready for life after Mortimer.