Mortimer Community College draws its students from the whole ability range. We operate a one week timetable with one hour lessons, however some option lessons at Key Stage 4 are blocked in periods of two hours.

Students start the day going straight into their teaching timetable, consisting of five one hour lessons per day, or twenty five hours per week. At the end of the school day students attend a twenty minute tutorial period.

The majority of staff are teaching their specialism.

Key Stage 3 Curriculum

All year groups are taught in seven to eight classes depending on cohort numbers which are split into two bands: K band and W band. Students are then set according to ability. In Design and Technology, classes are split up to make smaller groups to facilitate safe practical work. In all year groups, some students follow a basic skills programme and there is a designated special educational needs group who attend lessons in our Learning Zone to ensure that students are given any additional support they need to fully reach their potential. SMSC and British Values are taught at KS3 during Drama, Dance, our tutorial programme, assemblies and enrichment activities.

The curriculum has been regularly revised over the last few years as the National Curriculum has changed. At Key Stage 3, students follow a three year course which includes the following subjects:

Design and Technology
Physical Education
Religious Education
Literacy and Key Skills (Year 7 only)

Key Stage 4 Curriculum

There are between 6 and 7 classes in each year group at Key Stage 4. Students are split into two broad bands: K band and W band. Setting takes place within each band for the core subjects of English, Mathematics and Science. Four option blocks are taught across each year group. Students also continue to study Physical Education and Social Ethics throughout KS4.

Work related learning/careers education opportunities for all year groups take place throughout the year. Students have regular assemblies with local further education establishments and employers who visit school and inform students of potential opportunities. Parents and carers are also invited into these assemblies and to our annual careers event which provides students with the opportunity to find out more about potential careers and future pathways.

Further Information

For more information about our curriculum please contact school and ask to speak to Mr Pickersgill our Deputy Head Teacher.