Solar Eclipse

We don’t get many solar eclipses in NE England. In fact the last one was in August 1999 when our year 11s were less than 1 year old! Mortimer marked the occasion on the morning of Friday 20th March by suspending period 1 to allow all students the opportunity to see this rare occurrence. Students [...]

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Year 10 Arts Students and ‘The Big Paint Challenge’

Year 10 students visited the North East Arts Collective in Eldon Garden where they had a brilliant demonstration from Jan Szymczuk of the BBC programme 'The Big Painting Challenge'. We're very excited to be collaborating with them on an exhibition to be displayed at the this space!

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GCSE Dance students enjoy a fun filled day at Dance City

Year 10 GCSE Dance students enjoyed a day at dance city working like professional dancers. Students received a tour of the building and information on further studies and careers in dance. Then they participated in a choreography workshop before going to watch a professional dance piece by the internationally acclaimed Jasmin Vordimon.  Students had the privilege [...]

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Creative Careers Day

On Thursday, a number of our year 10 G&T students will be heading off to the Baltic for a 'Creative Careers Day'. This inspiring morning will offer a programme of short and snappy talks from practitioners working in creative fields including game design, textile design, architecture, fashion, illustration, set design, tattooing, art therapy, photography and the [...]

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Check out some of the entries into the recently run geographical photo competition held by Mr Lauderdale.  The competition was close with Connor Hitcham's entry taking first place in the student competition and Mr Farrer winning the staff competition. Well done to all those that entered!

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